Meet our staff!

Karen J.

Karen J. graduated from Centennial College’s E.C.E. program in 1977 and has over 30 years experience in her field. She prides herself on fostering an environment of acceptance and love for all children and enjoys watching children grow and succeed. She is enthusiastic about working with others who enjoy the same things and has the opportunity to do so in her current position as an R.E.C.E. and Supervisor and Co-Owner of Where We Grow.

Stephanie j.

Stephanie J. has 15 years of childcare experience and enjoys working in an environment full of young minds. As Executive Business Administrator and Co-Owner, Stephanie looks after the day-to-day operations of Where We Grow and ensures that all things run smoothly to maximize the fun that can be had for the children (and staff!) She loves working with kids and enjoys seeing their passions come to life.

Amanda J.

Amanda J. graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College's E.C.E. program in 2005. With 9 years of childcare experience Amanda is an R.E.C.E. and currently the Inclusive Program Co-Ordinator, Culinary Advisor and Co-Owner of Where We Grow.

Ashlei M.

Ashlei M. graduated from Port Perry High School in 2011 and enjoys being able to play with the children as well as being able to set a good example of proper behaviour. Ashlei is currently an E.C.E. Assistant and Cook at Where We Grow.

Karen P.

Karen P. graduated from Seneca College’s E.C.E. program in 1995. She has 18 years experience in her field and is currently an R.E.C.E. in the Preschool Room.

Lorene M.

Lorene M. graduated from Seneca College’s E.C.E. program in 2007 and specializes in working with JK/SK and school age children. With 12 years of experience in her field she enjoys watching children grow and develop. She finds it particularly rewarding to be involved in the process of children achieving and mastering new skills. Lorene is an R.E.C.E. in the JK/SK room at Where We Grow.

Montana T.

Montana T. is a recent graduate of Port Perry High School and enjoys watching the children grow and form their own personality. As an E.C.E. Assistant, Montana believes that Where We Grow is a phenomenal place to work with wonderful staff.

Teasha E.

Teasha E. is currently in the process of obtaining her degree from Seneca College and has 2 years of childcare experience. She is known around Where We Grow as the “sleep charmer” and loves getting to know the children and learning what they enjoy doing. Teasha is an E.C.E Assistant.

All staff have up to date criminal reference checks, immunizations, CPR and first aid training.